• The minimum amount of an online order in our store is 1000 rubles. The system automatically excludes orders that do not meet this condition. If You do not collect the required amount, you can join with someone you know or friends and make a General order.


    • All orders are sent from our store in St. Petersburg.


    • Received orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time. Please, if you place an order later, it will be processed and we will contact you.


    • Order processing time up to 3 days.



Put all the products you are interested in in your shopping CART. If you have finally decided on your order, go to the “shopping cart” in the upper right corner of the page.

For the first order, after registration, you will need to specify the delivery address of the order and click the “Save” button.
This address will be saved in the system and you do not need to specify it for subsequent orders. You can change the delivery address by clicking the “Change data” button.

Check the order (you may want to add or remove something).
Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page. Please note that we ship orders from 1000 rubles.

Once again check the correctness of the specified data, select the delivery method,
then, select the payment method for the order.

After that, click on the “Confirm order” button”

Then you will be taken to the confirmation page that Your order was accepted by the system, with your order number. This information will also be sent to Your email address.


The product return period is two weeks from the date of receipt of the order.
The refund is made both at the request of the buyer and due to an error on the part of the seller.
The product warranty is 30 days from the date of receipt.

The reason for returning the product from the buyer may be the following:
Did not fit the size, style, color, length, etc.;
The reasons for the return by mistake of the seller:
Incorrect order configuration;
The presence of a defect/defect.

If the order is incorrectly completed or there is a defect that we have not previously reported, the cost of return delivery by Russian Post is paid by the seller. The refund is made to the client within 5-7 business days from the moment we receive the refund in St. Petersburg.
Please note that the product is accepted back only in full configuration, with all packages and stickers, not used / unused.


Sending by mail (the buyer pays for postal services on their own) with the Exception of refunds for marriage or errors on the part of the store;
Sending by courier (the buyer pays the cost of sending by himself, even in the case of an error/marriage);

To do this, you must first write a letter to the address: 6425566@mail.ru

In the subject line, you must specify the order number in the letter write the reason for exchange or refund, product SKU that You would want to exchange (code number and size or a refund). After that, you will receive a response letter from us with detailed instructions about sending the product to our side.

When sending a parcel at the post office, an inventory of the items being sent is made in the required order. Without an order inventory, claims for the complete set are not accepted.

Absolutely! In the parcel attach statement sample you can download here. The application can be written by hand.

You can make a REFUND IN Saint Petersburg:

Courier call
The service is provided to residents of the city of Moscow. The cost of departure of the courier for a refund is 300 rubles within the Moscow ring road, working time from Mon. – Fri. from 13 to 18 .

If you need an exchange, you can pre-place an order for the desired size/product and choose a delivery method by Courier in Moscow. In the comments to the order, write: Exchange the order number that you had.

Upon its collection, we will contact You and specify a convenient delivery time.

Return to the store

The buyer can independently return the product that did not fit to any of our stores in Moscow, FIRST be SURE to CALL the store!
If you originally paid for the order with a card through your personal account on the site, a refund will be made to it or to the provided details.
The refund period is 5-7 business days.


Violation of the integrity of the postal packaging (use only the original postal packaging, avoid pasting with tape (except postal) and other materials;
Pasting with tape or other materials of the brand box from the manufacturer. When sending a parcel, it is better to pack it yourself, as postal workers are very fond of such actions.
Shipments with cash on delivery.


There are two ways to return money to the buyer:
Bank transfer;
Return to the card that was originally used to pay for the order or to another account.

To transfer to the account, you will need full details, namely:

1.​ Name of the Bank
2.​ Payment account
3.​ Correspondent account
4.​ BIC Bank
5.​ Personal account and card number
6.​ Full name

Please note that the details must be in the name of the customer.

The terms of crediting funds to the client’s current account depend on the internal regulations of the recipient Bank. The estimated time of receipt of funds is 3-5 banking days.

The refund method is the same as the payment method. If the buyer can’t pick up the money on their own, a trusted person can do it for Them. In this case, you can only make a refund if you present a power of attorney and passport. Or initially informing us in whose name you need to send money.